Recovering Aion wallet from seed

I had to reinstall windows to C: after the drive died . I have reinstalled the wallet and i have tried to recover the account . I have the 12 words and i have my username and password .
However when i try to recover the wallet from seed and enter the words i am getting errors . First time it said can’t save or copy to key store . I then uninstall it and deleted the key store (i copied what i thought was the wallet address to it ) I then reinstalled wallet and procced to enter the words to recover from seed , now it keeps telling me word in memonic not found . . I am typing the word seperated by a comma with no spaces between words
I do not have a backup of the key store . I installed the wallet to another drive not c: and did not relise you keep the key store in the system files on c: (very pissed off about that it should be in the same directory as the wallet ) or have option to save key store in same diectory as wallet .
Because i do not have a backup of the key store does this mean i have lost the 10 aion i mined ? I’m thinking it can’t find the recovery words because i do not have a backup is this correct

go to import account

select private key

put ur seed there and your password