Rejected shares

Can anyone help please. I have been working days on setting this system up and I keep getting errors when I am running mining programs. I am getting “low difficulty shares on all cards and AMD invalid results on all cards (doesn’t matter which miner I use). I get error that “won’t connect to pool” (this depends on the miner), and I am getting “share rejected”. My cards are set on factory setting. I’ve even gone as far as to use pre-made miners without changing anything just to test and get the same messages. What am I doing wrong??? Any Suggestions?

Are you running lolMiner?
How many cards?
What pool are you connecting to?

it sounds like you may be getting banned from the pool, cause of sending invalid shares. there is a known bug with lolMiner and over 4 GPUs.

Can you give us a bit more details, e.g. what cards this are and the exact configuration you start the miner with?

Vega 56, using Cryptonight heavy is the algo, Lokirocks is the pool.

5 cards, Vega 56, using Cryptonight heavy is the algo, Lokirocks is the pool.

This is the AION mining forum, you seem to be trying to mine LOKI?

I’ve tried all sorts of programs and I can’t get any of them to run. This just happen to be the last one I tried sorry for the confusion. THANKS!!!

Well if you’re wanting to mine AION with AMD GPU’s then you’ll need to use lolMiner v0.5

I’d suggest having a read of the lolMiner manual which comes with the download.

For a quickstart on AION, assuming you are on a windows machine:

lolMiner.exe --coin AION --pool --port 9999 --user
0xa0254a9fc72c5413077ac9a1a7b271013fbdf9d59b350f1263bbd4350053070e.workername --pass x

Changing the pool, port and user values as needed.

Make sure you are using an AION mainnet address as the user value, mainnet AION addresses always start with 0xa0 (the user value can optionally be followed by a worker name to identify individual rigs).

You can generate an AION address with the Aion Desktop Wallet software.