Sending AION tokens with the desktop wallet on Ubuntu

The Aion wallet is not allowing me to send tokens to other Addresses in Ubuntu 16 04.

There seem to be some connection issues with the default node.

In the meantime, if you check your balance on it should reflect your actual balance so you know your funds are safe.

If you need to manage them, and the desktop wallet app isn’t working for you, you have 2 options:

If you’re using a Ledger, you can use and import the account through their interface.

If not, you should still be able to export the keystore file (unlock the wallet in the desktop app, then click the right-most icon next to the address you wish to export–should look like a box with an arrow coming out of it). Select where you’d like to save the export file and enter an encryption password. You can then import this file with AIWA (

I tried to import the keystore file with Aiwa in chrome, this does not seem to be getting a response.

It took mine a minute, but it worked eventually. You may want to close other tabs and programs.

Thanks for your reply, did you try this in ubuntu or another linux distro?

Nope, just windows, but i believe the process is essentially the same