Solo Miner Software Update

Hi SoloMiners,
The solo mining pool software and version 0.3.2 of the kernel had some implementation differences for batch rpc calls, changes have been merged to the main branch.

When migrating to v0.3.2 of the kernel; please use the latest version of the solo mining pool software in this branch -

Special shout to @Jim for bringing this issue to our notice, and also helping us test the new code.



This is an Aion mining pool designed to be used in conjunction with the Aion mining client to be used on the Aion testnet. This mining pool has been specifically designed to be used only for solo mining on the Aion test network; it is not suitable to be used as a public mining pool and should not be deployed in that configuration.

testnet?? I want to solo mine on mainnet

You can use it to mine solo on the main-net but I would advise not to since the code base is really old and hasn’t been tested. I would recommend using the even for solo mining.