SOLO MINING: Still Working?

Hello, forum.

Is there somebody who installed latest node & solo mining software lately? Succesfully? I mean, since 0.3.2 and since the dificulty dropped?

I’ve tried all combination, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04, new ssd, everything…

I got to the part where solo mining starts, but I have an error:

might be that your directories are too far deep in the folder structure

I’m solomining on all the latest releases and it’s working fine. Have you downloaded all the latest versions off of Github? Also, is your node running when you start the pool software?

  • I have node (latest, 0.3.2) up & synced in full when I’m starting the

  • The solo pool release is 0.2.2, found here: . it says 25 april 2018 with 3 commits. Everyone is talking about new solo_pool software, but something new is nowhere to be found… If you have something else/new, please send me!

  • I’ve managed to get that solo pool runing (npm install, and others), and now I’m getting “connection refused on” (red line in above screenshot). stratum is enabled in /aion/config/mainnet/config.xml , the wallet address is set, cpu mining disabled …

Ahhh that’s the problem, they haven’t made a release for the latest solo_pool software. You should click ‘clone or download’ and download it like that instead. I’ll raise an issue for them to make a release version.

Thank you, sir! I’m a Windows/OSX guy, still struggling with Linux :slight_smile: