Specification to connect AION network from new blockchain

Hi, I love AION project.I’m token holder and writing Japanese blog to introduce AION.
I have not sure point about bridge mechanism.

I have 2 questions but it’s very appreciated if you can answer even if only 1 question:grinning:

  1. Where can I find the specification to connect AION network from new blockchain? White paper said that “Unlike Aion-compliant blockchains, existing blockchains are not designed to be interoperable.” in " 3.4.2 Existing network compatibility".
    Therefore I’d like to know the specification to connect AION.

  2. When we use bridge for example from Chain A to Chain B via AION-1, how the token will be shift from A to B? A token burn and mint to B?

Thank you very much for your help!


The team is a bit busy with the new kernel release, we will post a reply to this soon

Thank you! Looks busy to ready for Token swap.
Looking forward to your reply!

Hi team. I looking forward to see your reply.:man_student: