Swapping AION which is transffered from Liqui to Jaxx


I transferred some AION from Liqui to Jaxx and did not received it in my jaxx wallet.

Jaxx told me as following:

Please note that AION moved to mainnet and you should have swaped all your tokens by now. You can read more about it on Aion’s site: https://aion.network/token-swap/

I read the related page but did not get how can I swap my tokens while they are transferred to my jaxx AION wallet Address.

Transaction details are as following:


Please inform me steps that how can I access to my tokens and swap them to be available on my Jaxx wallet balance.

the swap period has ended. you’ll now need to email Aion support to have them manually swapped.

I sent email to support but seems they do not do it manually by now.
their answer is as following:


We’ve concluded the official swap period with over 97% swapped. If you’re currently holding AION ERC-20 Tokens, don’t worry you will be able to swap your tokens. We’ll be launching a self-service swap mechanism in Q1 2019 to facilitate any remaining tokens to be swapped and we’ll announce across our forum and social channels so stay tuned.

So the token swap has finished, and Aion aren’t doing any manual swaps anymore. But, there is going to be something into a future contract that will allow you to swap out any remaining tokens. Should be coming around the end of January.

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is there Any news about swapping plan in Q1?


I sent some AION to Jaxx one month before and it is shown as balance in jaxx wallet but I have two problems:

  1. I can not sent my AION out and it shows my actual balance zero.
  2. I can not receive AION from any exchanges and they say my address is not correct.

My AION address of Jaxx:


I contacted jaxx and they told me to contact you as following:

AION have launched their main-net and you should check with their community for a way to have your assets.

Jaxx does not support native Aion, only the ERC20s, so what’s in your Jaxx wallet are Aion ERC20s.

Most exchanges have also switched from the ERC20 to the native coin at this point.

You can tell the difference between them by looking at the public key. Native Aion addresses start with 0xa0 followed by 62 hexadecimal characters, while ETH/ERC20 are 0x plus 40 hex chars.

The swap ended in December. A recovery process will be available in the next couple months.

If you’re having trouble completing a transfer in Jaxx, you can display and copy your private key and manage your balance with MEW, however you will only be able to transfer it to another ERC20 wallet until the recovery process is released by Aion.

Hang tight and stay tuned