Syna Wallet Library To Be Discontinued

To all Syna users,

We are writing to inform you that Syna will no longer support the Aion/OAN kernel. The company has also decided to pivot the platform and discontinue all operations for the near future as a public wallet application. This will come into effect on December 2nd, 2019. The integrated exchange and wallet library will continue to be offered as a white label product to start ups in the blockchain space.

We want to thank those who have supported the Syna product line. In order to best continue your wallet experience, we suggest you recover your mnemonic phrase from the Syna wallet and, using another wallet application, recover your wallet using that same phrase, to allow access to your funds.

For inquiries on the Open Application Network or technical support in holding the Aion coin, please refer to:

For questions or inquiries into Centrys and Syna, please contact:

Mathew Wilson

CEO, Centrys

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