[Technical Question] Will Aion's Consensus Algorithm Be Swappable?

I’ve been learning more about blockchain technology recently, and learned about other, potentially more optimal, consensus algorithms like Hashgraph (can theoretically do 100s of 1000s of transactions/second). I also learned that one of the unique features of Hyperledger Fabric is that its consensus algorithm is swappable, enabling the user to decide what’s appropriate for their specific use case.

Would it be possible for Aion’s consensus algorithm to be swappable, if it isn’t already? I think PoS/PoI are great, but as we move forward into the future, it may be better to focus on a more modular/swappable approach when it comes to architectural decisions, including those for consensus.

What are your thoughts?

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In theory anyone could implement a clone of AION blockchain with another consensus algorithm. Because of the interoperability, it could live alongside the original blockchain and ‘compete’ with it. If it’s actually better, the community could potentially go over to the new one eventually.