Token Bridge Issues

I have attempted to use the Token Bridge and come across a few issues.

First, I downloaded the Aion Wallet for Windows and created an account. I wrote down the seed. I closed the wallet application and reopened it. My account is no longer listed. I click “Unlock Account” and it prompts me to a box to “Unlock Seed Account.” No matter how I enter my seed words, It gives me an error: “cannot decrypt your seed.” I dont have any other information besides my public address. Is there a specific format for recovering the account using the seed? (i.e. spaces/no spaces, commas, etc.?)

Second, using the prepopulated wallet link to myetherwallet, my transactions failed to go through. I did not change any of the data before sending the transaction. I was connected to the myetherwallet network node. Here is the hash for one of the failed transactions:

Finally, I attempted to use the prepopulated link for mycrypto. The link sends me to a address for an empty, unsecured page and my antivirus pops up saying the connection is blocked for phishing.

Having issue here also, myetherwallet only works on Chrome, there’s no mentioning of that in the tutorial. So I generated the transaction under Firefox with the hotlink to MEW with which I couldn’t confirm it. Did I lose my tokens? Please provide some assistence

@schweicks88 When you unlock seed account I think you are supposed to enter the password that you added to the address when you created this specific address.

I’ve had better results using the infura network, you can select it at MEW.
Second, I don’t know your gas price, but raising it to 30-60 Gwei speeds thing up significantly.

Also @mkiisk is right, you normally would have provided a password when you’ve created the account, try to type that.

@Tijmen : please provide us with more info, it should work on other browsers as well, do you use a ledger or with a private key?

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Ledger nano s in combination with My Ether Wallet. Sent a detailed support request. So although I generated a transaction id which can be tracked at Myetherscan (which couldn’t be confirmed since MEW only works with Chrome) and I can still see my ERC20 tokens there (not transferred to my AION wallet obviously), I did not lose my tokens? Should I simply try to swap the same amount again, this time using Chrome instead?

I’ve only used the ledger with chrome, strange that you could see a transaction id with firefox, this would imply that you could generate a transaction, so it appears to work with FF. Try infuria and raise the gas price to 40 gwei. Should work without issues.

I’ll add:

  • transfer just a small amount for your first try in case something goes wrong

  • make sure you can access the wallet you’re attempting to send tokens to before you send them

  • if something seems fishy, like being unable to verify a site’s security certificates, do not proceed

  • I don’t want to discourage you from using this innovative technology, but don’t forget that there are other, more user-friendly ways to complete the swap, including exchanges like LATOKEN, Kucoin, or BITBOX, or you can use Changelly. Just make sure you understand their instructions, terms, and conditions.

I manually copied the hotlink over to chrome since it didnt work on firefox. And I did do a test transaction which succeeded. But I don’t have to necessarily use infura, or do I? I can simply repeat the process, but now n Chrome?

Not strictly, but I find the infura service more stable than the default one. Ymmv

MEW by default uses their own node to broadcast transactions out to the Ethereum network. If under heavy load for example, MEW’s node infrastructure can experience delays or not broadcast your TX at all. MEW allows you to specify another 3rd party node (or your own) to mitigate such issues, infura is simply another node provider whom can broadcast your TX.

Using an explorer like etherscan, if your transaction shows as pending then it’s been successfully broadcasted to the TX pool ready to be mined - this generally happens within a minute. If after a few minutes your transaction is still unable to be located by etherscan then it’s likely your TX was not broadcasted, best to select another node provider and retry your transaction.


Thanks for the info. The transaction can be seen in Myetherscan. But is has not been confirmed, hence the swap is not executed. What happens with that transaction?

If your transaction is still pending then it’s likely your gas price is considered too low for the current gas market.

You can simply send another transaction with a higher gas price, currently 10 gwei should get you into a block within 2 minutes. By rebroadcasting your transaction with a higher gas price, your previously pending one will be replaced.

Websites such as allow you to calculate recommended gas prices.

If you’d like to know more about the gas market and Ethereum transactions, here’s a good little article that explains “stuck” Ethereum transactions like yours:

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Really good information. Clear and understandable. AION is the best! Learned a lot today. Many thanks and keep up the good work.