Token swap before Legder support?

Personally, I would prefer not to be forced into exchanging ERC20 tokens for native tokens without the ability to store native tokens on a Ledger.

I understand there are other wallets (command line, Coinomi, etc.) that support the native token. But many people (myself included) believe the various Ledgers are the gold standard in terms of secure storage.

I’m not sure what the status of Ledger support is and why it’s taking so long to be brought online. But, I would like there to be some assurance of Ledger support coming online at some point during the 2 months swap window. Is that going to happen, or not?

Otherwise, being forced off the Ledger with ERC20 and into something non Ledger-based for the native token, feels like a step backward.


Full ledger support is nearing. You can already download the aion wallet on ledger live if you have developer mode set on.


More info here:

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I’ve installed the app on the ledger without issues, but now i’m trying to get a receive address, and I’m not able to add an aion account on the ledger live app.
Has anyone encountered this?

Firstly, please note the app is a developer version, not yet given the green light for production but the standard functionality for key generation and signing shouldn’t change.

The current method for interaction with the Aion ledger app is through the wallet software released by Aion and not yet natively on ledger live. Whilst address deriviation path and key generation are fine I’d still advise waiting for the actual release before using it with real funds.

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Thanks for your insights, my goal was to play with the tech to see how it performed. Will experiment some more this weekend.