Top miner has 55% hashpower?

shouldn’t this be concerning? I know that this percentage is mined blocks, but I assume that this should roughly correlate with total hashpower as well.

you do realize these are public pool addresses right? either way, the top address here is my pool, the Aion network is in good hands.

yea I get it. it’s not ideal that anyone or any pool has over 50%.

of course not, but it is what it is (for now)

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The fact that you state the aion network is in ‘good’ hands, introduces some kind of trust that shouldn’t have to be necessary in a decentralized world.

Some miners should look for alternatives:

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Come on, it’s a figure of speech. Miners choose where they mine for reasons of their own.

I agree with you - there are a few good other pools - I have personally tried most of them.

However, currently I would personally recommend Aion Surf or Aionmine pools, as they have currently the lowest fees.

Miners need to choose to move to another pool. I have done this, I call more people to change pool so that this dominance of one pool would be reduced. We need to redistribute the hashrate a little bit here.

i disagree, we worked very hard to promote Aion itself to get the miners we have. It is up to other pools to do the same and get the word out about Aion. We need more miners on the Aion network, it’s not about 1 pool’s dominance.