Transaction Throughput and Energy Limits

There has been some questions about how energy limits impact transaction throughput, and why does increasing it lead to higher node requirements (CPU, MEMORY). So I’ll layout a couple descriptions with equations around this. And spur some conversation and

NRG limit and Transactions per second
During Q1-Testnet, the Energy limit was increased to 15M per block. The Energy limit in Ascent has been increased to 25M. This will allow for further testing and calibration of the ideal Energy limit for Aion mainnet.

Types of Blockchains, Quick maths, theoretical limits:
Transaction-Based Networks i.e. Bitcoin

        = (Block size limit/ AVG tx size) *(Blocks per minute) * (minutes per day)
BTC     = (1 MB/375 bytes) * (1 Block/10 Mins) * (1440 Min/1 Day)
BTC     = 385K TX/Day

As you can see, the size of a block can be really important here. Depending on the use case the blockchain is being used fo.

Virtual Machine-Based Networks i.e. Aion, Ethereum

     = (Energy Limit / AVG instruction cost per tx) * (1 Block/10 sec) * (seconds per day)
AION = (15M/27k Energy) * (1 Block/10 Secs) * (84.6k secs/1 Day)
AION = 4.7M tx/Day

With VM based blockchains through is a factors of energy limits per block.

There are also other considerations that impact throughput:

  • network size
  • consensus method
  • latency between nodes (geographic dispersal)