Unable to generate keystore file

I am trying to generate a keystore file so that I can download/install wallet update. I select a path for the file and it then asks for password. I enter my wallet password and it will not accept it. What am I doing incorrectly?

I have had to reinstall the wallet several times to my desktop related to antivirus program not liking something in the original wallet file.
Thank you.

You shouldn’t need to export your keystore file just to update the wallet. You can just run the installation and your existing wallet will be loaded into the Desktop Wallet application automatically. Here’s the docs for updating the wallet: https://docs.aion.network/docs/updating-the-wallet

I’m not sure why the wallet isn’t letting you export the keystore file. The password you enter in the Save Keystore screen doesn’t have to be the same as the one you used when creating your wallet. This new password is used when importing the keystore file into a wallet. Here’s the docs for exporting an account: https://docs.aion.network/docs/export-an-account

Saying that, you don’t really need your keystore file if you have your Mnemonic Seed Phrase:

  1. Click Add account .
  2. Under Recover from seed , enter the Mnemonic and a new Password.
  3. The recovered account is now shown under the Accounts tab.

Let me know if you get stuck.

Thank you for that information, but when I open app the choice is now to “Import account.” I am then given choices to import “keystore file,” “private key,” or “Ledger.” There is no option to enter my seed phrase. If I enter the seed phrase with my password, it rejects it.
Seed phrase use no longer appears to be an option.
I do have further update in that the original wallet finally did let me export a keystore file, but only to my hard drive. It will not allow me to export it to a USB drive. I have been able to install my account into the newest wallet app version, but am still unable to secure wallet separate from my hard drive. Have older computer and this is not sufficient.
Thank you for help.

There is no option to enter my seed phrase.

If you’ve got your seed phrase, completely uninstall your wallet, and reinstall it. Then follow the steps listed on the Recover from Seed page: https://docs.aion.network/docs/recover-from-passphrase.

It will not allow me to export it to a USB drive

This is a security measure to make sure external devices can’t steal your keystore file. Simply export the keystore file to your Desktop, and the copy it onto your USB drive.

Thank you for the clarification! This helps reassure me that wallet can be secured and accessed even if computer malfunctions/expires.