Unity launch megathread

TL/DR: One week to hard fork ; Rust mandatory version upgraded to v1.0.1


I am writing to notify you on behalf of the Open Application Network (previously Aion / Aion Foundation) that the Denali release Java v1.0 and Rust v1.0.1 kernels have been released.

Please note that this upgrade is mandatory and if you are using the Java kernel you will have to re-import your database from scratch, more details are on the release notes.

To avoid any disruption, your infrastructure will need to be running (Java v1.0 or Rust v1.0.1) prior to:

  • Mainnet Block Number - 4721900
  • Target date: 2019/11/20 10:00 AM (GMT-5) EST

Please familiarize yourself with the migration process by reading the release notes and migration guides.

Java v1.0

Rust v1.0.1
• Kernel, Migration guide and Release notes - https://github.com/aionnetwork/aionr/releases/tag/v1.0.1

Please note that there is a window of two weeks between now and the Unity go-live block number to update to the new kernel, and that the mandatory update is for both Java and Rust kernels

We are migrating to Dispatch for kernel updates and other important notifications. Please register with Dispatch and subscribe to the Aion channel so that you can receive our critical updates promptly. You can follow this link to sign up: https://getdispatch.co/alpharelease

Thank you,

Please note - This is the last official post on this forum. We will be launching a new support portal in the coming weeks.

Please use the following links :
Node operators - https://getdispatch.co/alpharelease
Developers - developer.theoan.com/community
Community - https://t.me/aion_blockchain