Unlocking a seed account in Aion wallet

I completed the steps yesterday and viewed my desktop Aion wallet, saw my address, and the balance so I thought everything was set.

Today, I opened the wallet and don’t see my account there anymore. I have no idea how to “log in”. I decided to try to use the seed words to unlock my account, but after typing them in (all lower case and with no space, and then all lower case with a space between words) it says “cannot decrypt your seed”. I have no idea how to access my private key since I thought it would be linked to the application when I open it up.

Please assist, I don’t know what to do!

You will need to unlock your account using the password you chose, not your seed phrase.

Your seed phrase is for backup and restore purposes.

Faced the same problem. The wallet refused to accept the password. The installation of the latest version of the program helped.

Hi all, you can follow the troubleshooting documentation here - https://docs.aion.network/docs/troubleshooting