VoskCoin (mining youtuber) talks about AION

The word is out, guys. :slight_smile:

Vosk, if you are arround, good work, man! I’m a follower for quite a while :slight_smile:


He’s a little bit late for the party… but i wont criticize him, i have found about aion only because of a guy writing one post on reddit (i was mining at 0.24M difficulty and i thought it was high lol).

Sometimes you have to dig hard to find a gem.

Yeah, I was mining (if you can say that about a rig with 1 x 1050ti) since the days of testnet :slight_smile:

Flood gates are now open:

I think it’s too late for them unless they want to hold their coins. AION is not the most profitable right now, but it’s still better than mining equihash on miningpoolhub lol. If experienced miners that sell daily come here it wont take long before they leave, like when ewbf released a windows miner… they came… then they left soon after ( i check difficulty daily :wink: ).
When you have too much people, difficulty increases and if you dont have enough liquidity on an exchange the value of the coin falls (even if teams (in general) try to maintain the coin value on exchanges by buying them or establishing huge floor).

edit : and if a team dont have money to protect their coin… for example a few days ago NIX was the coin to mine, but there was low liquidity on idax. Now no one wants to buy it on idax. Suprnova listed nix, huge farms mined it, sold it, then left when there were no one to buy it.

The kid worked hard for that 30 min video :)) wasting the time of others with that ubuntu nonsense.

See bright side of things. It’s ubuntu non sense that made us mine a lot of blocks during months. The easier it is the easier you have thousands of miners destroying profitability lol.