Wallet.aion.network created wallet usable?

I created a wallet on wallet.aion.network to which I mine, can I actually use those tokens or are they lost?

u can create ETH using MEW is it not ?
same work for AION … u do not have to use the AION.SH kernel to create AION wallet.
so the wallet u create using AION web wallet is fine and that what I did

there is NO SUCH thing as aion wallet for mainet … and AION wallet for TESTNET

I am confused as I now have 2 members saying it is usable, 2 members who say it is most definitely not.

Looks usable - looks to be working fine now. I retract my earlier statements in the other thread.

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It’s usable, but you have to connect to your own node for it to work, plus there are some bugs and things that are incomplete.

We need it to connect to some default node (probably hosted by AION themselves) automatically, plus some updates/bugfixes to the wallet interface.

Looks like we need working Aion wallet ASAP.

the AION web wallet may not be fully functional yet. but as far as key generation I believe it works. that is it use the same algorithm as AION kernel (aion.sh)

the safer way is to use aion,sh to generate key pair. U do not have to run AION node to do this. download the aion kernel. unzip it then do

./aion.sh -a create

an AION address always start out with 0xa0

there was a reason why I used the web wallet to generate key pair (silly) on Arpil 25th to for mining.

i was a bit concerned if the key pair generated by web wallet is valid so I checked with aion.sh

I took the private key of the the pair created by WEB wallet and did (imported)

./aion.sh -a import private-key

aion.sh created the keystore folder

then i want to print out the public key (address) of this private key

./aion.sh -a list

then I compare both pairs . It matches both the private keys and public keys

so i conclude the WEB WALLET generate the pair correctly.

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I can confirm that importing the private key as explained above creates the same public key and was able to do a transaction.

Earlier I tried putting the keystore file in the wallet but the command ./aion.sh -a list didn’t list my address.

For people with the same problem; try importing your private key, I can’t say if your keystore created by the webwallet can be used, perhaps someone else here can elaborate.

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hello luu ,

can you say how do you get keystore and private using web3? And is it possible signTransaction in aion.