Windows 10 Desktop Wallet update v1.2.2

Update Aion Desktop Wallet for Windows 10
New Commits. Fix includes better install and faster loading for Windows 10 Users

Aion Desktop Wallet for Windows v1.2.2 download link:



The wallet download link is broken here

Initially it linked to AionWalletSetup.v1.2.2.0329ff5 which was was not starting up after installation as reported in Telegram. The new build AionWalletSetup.v1.2.2.1460425 available in GitHub installs and starts up fine.

However, after seeing this post I wanted to chek wether current installed version 1.2.x is older than the one this post was linking to. Turns out you can’t see version in the execitable’s Properties->Details section. If I haven’t preserved the downoladed installer I wouldn’t be able to find out. Turns out I already had 1.2.2, but apparently from an older build. I suggest you add it version details to executable.

Also, if the new installer actually contains code changes I would have liked to see different version numbers.

Oh, according to GitHub there were code changes

" Update: v1.2.2.1460425 The Windows version of the desktop wallet has been updated with a path that resolves some file path issues. Please download this new version if you were previously having issues with the Wallet."

I certainly would have expected different minor version numbers.